Complete Works


(All works conceived & directed by Amanda Phillips, except where collaborators are stated)

M.A.S.S .Moving Audience Street Sculpture (2013)
by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell
TYPE: 24/7 multi-channel interactive realtime slit-scan  – public artwork
COMMISSIONED BY: D.P.T.I. – Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for Urbanest Shopfront, Bank Street, Adelaide
SCREENINGS/INSTALLATION: opened on 27 Feb ‘13 until 1 Oct ’13
AWARDS: Finalist, SALA Awards ’13: The Advertiser Business SA Contemporary Art Prize

Doorway 1 & Doorway 2 (2013) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell
TYPE: Temporary outdoor public artwork in Moseley Square, City of Holdfast Bay
COMMISSIONED BY: City of Holdfast Bay
FOR: City of Holdfast Bay “Random Project”
SCREENINGS/INSTALLATION: from the 10 March ’13 for 2-weeks

Stepping Into the Light (2012)
contributing Artist: Director of dance & Indigenous film content
TYPE: Film, Architectural projection work – entire building
FOR:  Illuminart project, Norwood Town Hall, Cultural Heritage Festival
SCREENINGS: 22 May; 24 – 26 May ‘12

Forever (2012)
TYPE: Film, single-channel video loop (8mins)
FOR: Felicity Arts
SCREENINGS: AdYO 2012 Season launch (premiere); Dance Week Screenings at Signal Point Gallery; SALA Festival 2012 (24/7 Adelaide Festival Centre Foyer, and, Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foyer (both entrances));  Woman’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation website


Frenzy (2012) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell

TYPE: Experimental Film/Moving Image work, Single-channel video loop (25mins)

FOR: Felicity Arts

SCREENINGS: SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival 2012): at the Mark Lobert Gallery (Port Adelaide) and Bang & Olufsen (Hyde Park)


Mobius (2011)

TYPE: Film/Moving Image work, Single-channel loop (27mins)

FOR: Felicity Arts

SCREENINGS: Feast Festival  (premiere 2011); SALA 2012 at Bang & Olufsen (Hyde Park)


Boy In The Window (2011)

TYPE: Architectural projection – Rear projected hyper-reality installation (30min), 300 Rundle Street, Adelaide

FOR: Felicity Arts

SCREENINGS/Installation: Feb-March 2011


Choreographing  Data (2010) – performance

TYPE: Dance with wearable sensors & 3D-stereo projection from body data

FOR: ErgoLab University of South Australia (Mawson Lakes)

PERFORMANCES: Opening of the ErgoLab


Pixel Forwarder (2010)

TYPE: Dance Film

FOR: ReelDance Festival (created during the Shelly Love Masterclass)

SCREENINGS: “Out of the Hat” for ReelDance, Carriageworks, 2010


Solo Reflections (2010)

TYPE: Dance& Piano Recital – performance

PERFORMANCES: MaD Gallery, Shanghai (Simon Ma Gallery) for World Expo 12; Port Fairy Spring Music Festival Oct’10; ABC Studio 520, Adelaide (Felicity Arts, Soundstream, Australia China Development Council)


Fragile Connexions (2009)

TYPE: Dance & Multi-media work – performance

PERFORMANCES: Summer Dance Festival, Taipei (Taipei Artist Village)


Solo Momentum (2009)

TYPE: Dance & Piano recital – performance

FOR: Morilla Estate, by invitation of Brian Ritchie for Kylie Kwong Special Event

PERFORMANCES: Morilla Estate, Hobart


Future Memory (2009) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell

TYPE: Experimental/Dance Film (20mins), fulldome projection work (immersive cinema)

SCREENINGS: The Dome Project – Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival 2009; Immersive Film Festival (Portugal 2009); APS  – Australasian Planetarium Society Conference (NZ, 2009); MIFF (2010); ReelDance 2010; Adelaide Planetarium private screenings (2011)

AWARDS: Recommendation, Immersive Film Festival 2009


3xperimentia: Live Cut (2009/2010) by Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell – performance

TYPE: 3D live‐edit cinema/performance

FOR: Felicity Arts

SCREENINGS: Adelaide Fringe 2009 & 2010; SoulFood performances 2010; “G’day Mate” initiative APAM 2010; RiAus & Uni SA performances 2009

AWARDS: 2009 Ruby Award for Innovation; Adelaide Critic’s Circle IAF Award for Innovation;     Finalist: 2009 Adelaide Fringe Awards for Best Production & for Best Dance Work


3xperimentia: Songlines & Storylines (2008) – performance

TYPE: 3D live‐edit cinema/performance

FOR: Felicity Arts

SCREENINGS: 2008 South Australian Living Artists Festival


Immerse II (2008) – performance

TYPE: Dance& Media arts (real-time 3D-stereo projections with live dancer)

PERFORMANCES: World Dance Alliance, performance demonstration, QUT


Immersion (2007) – performance

TYPE: Dance & media arts work (3D-stereo projection)

FOR: Australia‐China Council Residency

PERFORMANCES: Taipei Artist Village, 2007




3xperimentia (2007)

TYPE: Dance Film in 3D

SCREENINGS: Choreolab (Ausdance SA), May & October 2007; Videotage Hong Kong (2009); Taipei Artist Village (2010)


Agent of Language (2006) & Look Left: Not Right (2006) – performances

TYPE: Dance & Devised Physical Theatre

FOR: Shanghai International Performing Arts Research Center (SIPARC) – Australia‐China collaboration “Shifting Horizons”

PERFORMANCES: Shanghai Theatre Academy, 2006


Ivory (2006) – performance

TYPE: Dance & piano recital with Gabriella Smart

FOR: 2006 SIPARC Australia‐China collaboration “Shifting Horizons”

PERFORMANCES: Shanghai, 2006


CRUSH co‐directed & choreographed with Frances d’Ath (2006) – performance

TYPE: Dance work

FOR: 2006 Golden Grove Arts Centre ‘i hear motion’ Festival

PERFORMANCES: Golden Grove, 2006


M (2006) – performance

TYPE: dance-sound -video installation with real-time MRI scan manipulations

PERFORMANCES: 2006 South Australian Living Artists Festival


Morphic Resonance (2006) – performance

TYPE: Dance work with realtime video capture and manipulation

PERFORMANCES: Gallery Delicatessen for Tyndall Assembly, Adelaide, 2006


Temporary Occupants (2005) – performance

TYPE: Devised Theatre & Physical Theatre work

FOR: Shanghai International Performing Arts Research Center (SIPARC)

PERFORMANCES: Shanghai Theatre Academy, 2005


Chinese Whispers (2005) – performance

TYPE: Dance work with piano interludes

FOR: Reckless Moments

PERFORMANCES: Australia and China tour, 2005


subliminal translation (2004) – performance

TYPE: Dance work

FOR: Cloud Gate 2/TNUA, Young Choreographers Project, Taiwan

PERFORMANCES: Opening of the World Dance Alliance, Taiwan, 2004


Manifest (2004) – performance

TYPE: Dance work

FOR: Australian Dance Theatre, Ignition Season

PERFORMANCES: Adelaide, 2004




I woke up this morning with a feather boa (2003) co-directed & choreographed with Fergus Gool

TYPE: Dance work (development only)

FOR 2003 AIT ARTS, workshops and final showing

PERFORMANCES:  Workshop showing 2003


SATURATION (reworked) (2002) – performance

TYPE: Dance work

FOR: Commissioned by the TanzKommisssion, Switzerland

PERFORMANCES: Tanzfenster Festival, Zurich, 2002


tomorrow’s tomorrow; Remnants from a torn diary; Grown‐Ups; SATURATION;

Private Public (2002) – performances

TYPE: Dance works

FOR: Swiss International Coaching Project (SiWiC), Zurich

PERFORMANCES: Zurich, 2002; Private Public and Grown Ups, SiWiC part 2: Basel and Baden tour, Switzerland


When There’s Only (2002)

TYPE: Dance Film (12mins)

FOR: Produced in part and premiered by the South Australian Choreographic Laboratory and

the Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre Festival Centre for INSPACE

SCREENINGS: INSPACE 2002, Adelaide; Dance Film Forum, London, 2003; Part of Chinese Whispers (Australia & China tour 2005)


Mid Way (2001)

TYPE:  Dance Film (4mins)

FOR: Performed, Directed and Edited with Janine Ayers as part of CREATING PERFORMANCE Produced by AUSDANCE and The Australia Council, Armidale Australia (2001)

SCREENINGS: Creating Performance, Armidale (2001); Canberra – various (2002)


ISH: (2000)

TYPE: Experimental/Dance Film (4mins)

FOR: Created short dance film as part of the Dance on Screen 2000 Festival, London

Working under Film Director David Hinton, The Video Place London.

SCREENINGS: Antistatic Dance Film Festival Cinetic Program, 2005; The Place International Dance on Screen Film Festival, 2000


AMNESIA (2000) – performance

TYPE: Dance work

FOR: Company Of

PERFORMANCES: Festival for Independent Dance, Toronto, Canada 2000


a‐void‐no‐place (1999) – performance

TYPE: Dance & Devised Theatre work

FOR: Company Of

PERFORMANCES: Laban Centre, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London (premiere ‘99); “Go‐Out” UK Regional Touring Program (’00); Chisenhale Dance Project; RESOLUTION! 2000 Festival, The Place Theatre, London




Beyond (1999) – performance

Type: Dance work

FOR: Company Of

PERFORMANCES: Laban Centre, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London ’99; Quinzena da Dan¢a de Almada, International Dance Festival, Portugal ‘99




2012 Feast Festival, I’m Coming, Video Promotion – Director

2011 Adelaide Theatre Guild, The Malcontent (dir. Alex Kirk) – Movement Direction

2010 & 2011 Felicity Arts, Last of the Red Hot Mamas & School for Red Hot Mamas, Adelaide Fringe and OOTS Tour – Director & Choreographer

2009 Felicity Arts, My Significant Other is a Mobile Phone, Adelaide Fringe – Movement

2006 Adelaide Footlight’s Revue, Be Your Age, Adelaide Fringe – Movement Direction

2006 Johannes Birringer Masterclass, Site Lines, The Performance Space – Performer and Co-Director

2004 No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, Catching The JuiceCo‐Director/Movement

2004 Schools Festival of Music, “Olympia” song Cycle – Co‐Artistic Director

2003 Windmill Theatre, Performance Troupe, (performance art) Director/Choreographer

2003 The Elder Conservatorium, The University of Adelaide Gameories and Gambles Director

2003 Scotch College, Adelaide, Speaking In TonguesCo‐Director and movement

2002 Scotch College, Adelaide Comic PotentialDirector and movement

2001 Wood End Infant School, London Beside The Seaside ‐Director and movement

2000 Rosetta Primary, London, Cinderella Director and movement

2000 Impulstanz Festival, Josef Nadj Proseries performance – Deviser/Director of two scenes

1999 South Australian Film Corporation, Sally Marshall’s Not an Alien (Feature Film)

Credited as ‘Myth Eruption’, Directed the action to be filmed for the ‘drumming scene’.